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The best way to visit Susa is to start your tour from "Porta Paradiso" ("Heaven Gate"), also called "Porta Savoia" ("Savoia Gate") (III-IV Century).
Going through it you are in Piazza S. Giusto.
The first view is the mighty bell tower, about 55 metres high.
Next to it, the imposing Romanesque - Gothic Cathedral (1027) dedicated to Saint Justus, Patron Saint of the town.
On the east side of the square have a look at San Paolo bell tower, the Bishop's Palace, the Diocesan Curia and Seminary; on the west side notice few remains of an ancient arcade with Gothic arches, once part of the so called "Canons' house".
Come back to "Porta Savoia" and walk along "Viale dell'Impero Romano" up to the Octavian Augustus Arch (8 b.C.).
On the left, the ruins of the access of the ancient castrum and, opposite, the imposing Roman Aqueduct.
On its base, southwards, the Celtic "cupels", on the rocks (VII century b.C.).
Near the castrum, look at the Medieval Castle (XI century).
Beyond its postern, a long flight of steps with a fine view on the town takes you into "Via Assietta", along which you get to "Madonna delle Grazie" Sacrarium Church (XVIII century).
Go on and admire the Roman Amphitheatre (II - III century) and the nearby San Francesco Convent.
Walking through "Via Rosaz", cross the once - called "Via dei Fossali" (now named "Corso Unione Sovietica") and look at the remains of the ancient walls. Go on and come into "Via Palazzo di Città".
Under the arcades, admire a fresco showing the Holy Shroud's exhibition (XVII century).
In front of it, in a private courtyard, the "Rotari Tower".
Stop a little further and look at "De' Bartolomei Palace" (XIII century).
In the small square, once called "Piazza delle Erbe" ("Herbs' Square"), notice the remains of "Porta delle Mercerie" ("Wares' Gate"), later named "Porta Piemonte" ("Piedmont Gate") on which the Civic Tower stands.
Go on your tour leftwards along "Via Francesco Rolando", once "Via dei Mercanti".
Half - way, on the right, in a private courtyard, the "Parlamento Tower".
At the end of "Via Francesco Rolando", notice on the left the XIV century low lacunar arcades and, a little further, on the right, the peculiar courtyard of the "Pieve di Santa Maria Maggiore" (now closed to worship).
Come back, then, into "Piazza Savoia", walk along "Corso Trieste" up to the Baroque "Chiesa del Ponte" and the adjacent Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, rich of important and valuable historical and artistic treasures.

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